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Hi I'm Krayfishkarl! I'm the founder of the Omniverse Nexus and the site owner. I am also the co-creator of both the Galactic Crucibles and Dreamwalkers settings. I'm most well known for the Karalian Empire in Galactic Crucibles and the Sol Cluster in Dreamwalkers. I've also done work on Erudite Tales and Heroic Ages assisting with designing various worldbuilding facets.

If you would like to create an account on the wiki, please send me a message on the Discord channel. Also, I am the only one with access to the site's backend files so I will also be able to assist in technical questions or site addition requests.

About me

I am a hobbyist game designer, programmer and composer. And of course, I do a bit of writing here on the wiki.


I am from the East Coast USA. I am mixed Mexican, German and Puerto Rican. I know a tiny bit of Spanish though I'm not fluent. I also serve the US military as an IT specialist in the Army reserves. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.


I learned to program with Clickteam Fusion in 2005. Today, I have experience with Java, C++, C, ARM assembly and Python. I have some familiarity with PHP, JavaScript and PostgreSQl. My current projects are using Unreal Engine 4's Blueprint system. I also have knowledge of the Creation Kit used for games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

My two big projects are a 3D platformer called Droplet: States of Matter and Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent the latter of which takes place within the continuity of the Omniverse Nexus.


I have been composing music since about 2007. I was in the wind ensemble in high school playing the trumpet. Beyond that however, I do not have any formal music theory training. Most of my music composition knowledge is self-taught from listening and studying music from many different sources. I use FL Studio as my primary music creation tool.

My style tends to be upbeat and melody heavy alluding to the compositional style of game music from the 1980s and 1990s. Some influential composers for me are Koji Kondo, Grant Kirkhope, Yoko Shimomura, Nobuo Uematsu, Stewart Copeland, Josh Mancell and Mark Mothersbaugh.


In terms of interests, I am all about video games, computers and music. The number of video games I consider my favorites are too numerous to list but I'm into platformers, action-adventure games and RPGs. Below is a sample of some of the games I enjoy:

  • Super Mario series
  • Paper Mario series
  • The Legend of Zelda series
  • Banjo-Kazooie series
  • Spyro the Dragon series
  • Crash Bandicoot series
  • Final Fantasy series
  • Kingdom Hearts series
  • Half-Life series
  • Portal series
  • Mass Effect series
  • Halo series
  • Gauntlet: Legends and Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

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