United Kyekna Monarchies

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United Kyekna Monarchies
Setting: Galactic Crucibles
Flag of the Kyekna
Capital Kenaklesh primary colony
Official languages Kyekna
Ethnic groups Kyekna, Cheripodi, Zhariz, Threzket
Demonym Kyekna
Government Monarchy
• Empress
• Foundation
0 OE/UE Kyekna United Calender
 • Size 33 systems
 • 57 ADR estimate 329 billion

The United Kyekna Monarchies, known on its homeworld simply as "the United Monarchies", is an empire ruled by the Kyekna, which currently controls a total of 33 systems, with a much larger group of uninhabited territory systems. Their capital system is their home planet Kenaklesh, though they also inhabit its binary planet Kalkak.

The UKM is a very old civilization which dates back to the time of the First Galactic Senate, but it has retained a reclusive nature and remained within the confines of the isolated Chechkal Cluster and the few scattered neighboring star groups.

Constituent Species

  • Kyekna - The industrious eusocial insect race known as the Kyekna were the originators of the UKM, and they remain a majority within its populace. With a specialized caste society, biologically-ingrained loyalty to their monarchs, and a lack of any predatory instincts, the Kyekna are efficient workers.
  • Threzket - A prosocial insectoid race from the same planet as the Kyekna, the Threzket were historically unable to compete with Kyekna society and organization, leading many Threzket to join Kyekna polities instead of trying to create their own. Within the UKM, both Threzket-majority administrative divisions and Threzket minorities in Kyekna-majority polities coexist.
  • Karkal - The Karkal were a predatory, carnivorous species native to Kalkak. Only the reproductive Karkal castes were sapient, with all other castes only having enough brainpower to perform whatever task was asked of them. A few Karkal defected to the UKM during the Kyekna-Karkal War, but the Karkal have since gone extinct.
  • Cheripod - The Cheripodi are a race of brachiopods native to Chekach, the survival of their species was put in danger by the CHKC-27 AIs during the Chechkal Wars, but after the UKM intervened to save them, the Cheripodi joined the United Kyekna Monarchies.
  • Zhariz - Silicon-based forms of life, the Zhariz are native to Akakz and can only live on greenhouse planets. The Zhariz have settled on many otherwise uninhabitable UKM greenhouse worlds, such as Tzalcak and Kitchich.


Main article: Politics of the United Kyekna Monarchies

The UKM is a federal monarchy consisting of many smaller principalities, states, territories, and constituent countries. The UKM's political landscape has been shaped by the historical Chechkal Wars, and the UKM has remained internally accepting and libertarian with an outward foreign policy of nationalism and peace through strength for most of its existence.


The UKM has a heavily nationalistic and industrial culture. The UKM's vast and multidirectionally voluminous underground cities require complex infrastructure, water/plumbing/ventilation systems, and construction equipment/skill to build and maintain. Mines, factories, shipyards, powerplants and construction contractors employ a significant percentage of the Kyekna, Zhariz, and Threzket populations (though the Cheripodi statistically tend more towards being technologically than mechanically inclined).

This industrial inclination guided the UKM's strategic and social hierarchy of planets: While many polities classified their planets' importance based on population or wealth, the UKM instead had its plunderbund of elite planets, the "Foundry Worlds", held in high acclaim based on their capacity to mine up raw resources and convert them into machinery, ships, power, and weaponry. Notable foundry worlds include Kenaklesh, Clikakac, Okikz, Chityl, Crytch, and Akakz.


Main article: History of the United Kyekna Monarchies

The UKM came about on Kenaklesh soon before the first Kyekna interplanetary colonization efforts began, and the UKM's early history was shaped by the Kyekna-Karkal War. Within a few centuries, the UKM controlled the entirety of its home system of Kakoonal and began to spread outwards to other systems such as the Trezzth, Bezck, and Thyph systems. The multi-century Chechkal Wars were what ultimately brought the many races of the Chechkal Cluster together under a single banner.


Main article: United Kyekna Monarchies Defense Force

The UKM's military is known as the United Kyekna Monarchies Defense Force, it operates an Army, Navy, Airforce, Space Armada, Probe & Satellite Agency, and Ballistic Missile Force.


The Kyekna control 33 systems, most of which are within the Chechkal Cluster. There are several stars within the UKM sphere of influence which lack usable planets, which are not counted in this list.

Star Planet Star type or planet type Population
Kakoonal Type F 51 billion
Eklakra Rocky <1 mil
Kenaklesh Garden 15.3 bil
Kalkak Garden 11 bil
Kelkarka Ice Giant 8.4 bil (moons)
Clikakac Rocky 10.1 bil
Kacliktz Gas Giant 2 bil (moons)
Tzalcak Greenhouse 3.2 bil
Kirit Rocky 0
Izekkak Ice Giant <1 mil (moons)
Bezck Type WR 7.3 bil
Bozzkrit Iron <1 mil
Chityl Garden 7.3 bil
CHKC-4 Type A <1 mil
CHKC-9 Type A <1 mil
Chalkak Gas Giant <1 mil (space stations)
CHKC-10 Type B <1 mil
CHKC-11 Type M <1 mil
CHKC-27 Type G <1 mil
CHKC-27 B Garden <1 mil
Chakkech Type C <1 mil
Zekchik Dead Garden <1 mil
Akakech Other <1 mil
Chroliaden Type F 18.8 bil
Kakkaaka Puffy 0
Chekach Garden 18.8 bil
Kakkek Iron <1 mil
Zzakrak Chthonian <1 mil
Cifia Type K 15 bil
Cridl Type M 15.2 bil
Crytch Rocky 8 bil
Crekyt Gas Giant 6.2 bil (moons)
Kytl Glaciated 1 mil
Chullzem Type G 7 bil
Zikir Rocky <1 mil
Chilt Iron <1 mil
Kyriek Desert 7 bil
Ekykk Ice Giant 0
Chyzar Type F 7 bil
Kytyk Puffy 0
Chych Greenhouse 1 bil
Chitzer Rocky 5 bil
Orkyrk Ice Giant 1 bil (moons)
Zeral Gas Giant <1 mil (moons)
Zikchikik Rocky 0
Drynezd Type G 8.2 bil
Zudduz Iron <1 mil
Kezzenid Garden 8.5 bil
Nayus Glaciated <1 mil
Ekeklez Type F 17 bil
Kitchich Greenhouse 4 bil
Tretekt Garden 9 bil
Kiritka Ice Giant 4 bil (moons)
Zychykt Rocky 0
Kaltanik Type K 15.4 bil
Kyekket Volcanic <1 mil
Tyktytt Garden 9 bil
Kiryt Garden 6.4 bil
Kichatz Type F/Type M binary 18.1 bil
Kikrak Gas Giant <1 mil
Zakikch Garden 9 bil
Thikac Garden 9.1 bil
Chiritz Glaciated <1 mil
Kirr Type K 12.3 bil
Chykkik Other 200 mil
Tentiz Desert 5.1 bil
Kyrechk Garden 7 bil
Zekichek Gas Giant <1 mil
Krekik Rocky <1 mil
Kych Type K 17 bil
Chekik Chthonian <1 mil
Echekk Iron 5 bil
Kyrechk Garden 10 bil
Yitetch Greenhouse 2 bil
Kyrik Gas Giant <1 mil
Kykek Gas Giant <1 mil
Kyzeem Type F 8.2 bil
Trezzth Type G 19 bil
Zechich Chthonian <1 mil
Hekkech Garden 10 bil
Tekchec Garden 9 bil
Tekyt Gas Giant 0
Trughgiz Type F 8.5 bil
Kitrik Iron <1 mil
Rallar Greenhouse 2.5 bil
Allker Rocky 6 bil
Thyph Type F 21.7 bil
Tekuch Greenhouse 2.5 bil
Kekkut Iron 200 mil
Chezzek Garden 10 bil
Okikz Iron 9 bil
Kekekz Gas Giant 0
Tylch Type K <1 mil
Aakrek Gas Giant 0
Zzychka Primitive <1 mil
Tzir Type B <1 mil
Tzrik Type K 9.7 bil
Krykich Rocky <1 mil
Kathoz Garden 9.7 bil
Chiltich Glaciated <1 mil
Kreetz Gas Giant 0
Arikkach Rocky <1 mil
Rhyizt Type A <1 mil
Yechtchit Type B <1 mil
Zendl Type F 24.3 bil
Akakz Greenhouse 11.1 bil
Tzalerr Garden 10.2 bil
Ziake Pelagic 3 bil
Zhan Type M <1 mil
Zhelrr Type B <1 mil
Zhovezz Type G 8.3 bil
Zyrrd Type L <1 mil