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The Threzket are a sapient prosocial species of Zorapteran insects from the planet Kenaklesh. The Threzket have an alternating generation caste system, similar to some heteroecious organisms, but no distinct sterile and reproductive classes discluding them from eusocial classification. The Threzket are pale, soft-bodied arthropods that measure around 1.65 meters (5.4 feet) in length, and sense the world through two 9-segment antennae, two 1-segment cerci, and four sets of very small eyes along the sides of their heads. The alate caste of the Threzket grows two pairs of wings for flight, and takes on a darker hue as it ages.

The Threzket were historically technologically inferior to the Kyekna, the other native sapient species of Kenaklesh, but after Kenaklesh was united under the United Kyekna Monarchies, they became a spacefairing race. The Threzket remain a majority in some constituent nations of the UKM, retaining some degree of self-determination despite being a fairly small minority compared to the Kyekna, Cheripod, and Zhariz races.