Telossia system

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Telossia system
Spectral type Brown dwarf
Age Unknown
Size 80 jovian masses
Surface temperature 890 °F
Diameter 150,432 km
Stars 0
Planets 1
Moons 0
Cluster Greenwater Nebula
Galactic Arm Inner Far South Arm
Polities None

Telossia is a brown dwarf in the Greenwater Nebula.

Physical characteristics

Telossia is considered by many scientists to be a failed star. It is too small to sustain hydrogen-helium fission, but it manages to radiate it its own heat causing it glow faintly. Telossia is rather large at 80 jovian masses.

The planet was thought to have formed around the star Meruu as a possible binary twin, but had migrated too far outward, leaving its orbit.


Main article: Noxuna

Telossia has one planet named Noxuna, a barren rocky world with a primitive atmosphere.


In the past, Noxuna was colonized during the era of the Omni. Ruins of a military base have been discovered on the surface as well as evidence of floating lithium mines that have long since sunk into Telossia's atmosphere, getting shredded apart.

The Confederacy of Greenwater has proposed colonization of Telossia and Noxuna for scientific purposes to study these ruins. However, despite the confederacy officially claiming the system as their territory, due to financial issues as well as the high crimerate of the Greenwater Nebula, settlements on Telossia have never gone beyond the planning phase. Telossia and its moon have been picked clean by looters as a result.