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God(s) Cosmic Guardians, Celestials
Demonym Taevalik

Taevalik is the officially endorsed religion of the Mizani Empire, serving as the entire basis for their society. Taevalik involves the worship of the heavens and celestial bodies.


Followers of Taevalik believe that planets and stars are divine beings whom they refer to as Celestials. The Celestials themselves are governed by metaphysical entities known as the Cosmic Guardians, who watch over and direct the balance of the universe. They heed orders from the Cosmic Guardians without question, following orders anywhere from a planet springing to life with organisms or a star going supernova.

After the creation of the universe, it is believed that a covenant was forged with the very first Klymu. To be able to use the resources of the Celestials, one must perform regular sacrifices as a means of giving back to the universe. Sacrifices are giving up organic material in exchange of making use of inorganic resources. Today, the Mizani Empire supports the notion that the highest ranking class are capable of hearing the messages and demands of the Cosmic Guardians.


As planets and stars are revered as being holy, it is considered blasphemy to destroy a planet.

Sacrifices are a large part of Taevalik religion. It involves giving up some sort of organic material. In the past, it used to be animal sacrifices. Today, fasting has virtually replaced animal sacrifices, though the latter is still practiced in some remote parts of the Mizani Empire.

Followers of Taevalik tend to have a collectivist society, putting emphasis on interdependence and cooperation between individuals.