Southern Peaks Countship

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The Southern Peaks Countship was the southernmost countship of Amicalis. The southern end of the Eastern Range ran through the Southern Peaks Countship, separating the green grasslands of the countship's eastern regions from the highveld and savanna of the western regions. The Southern Peaks Countship bordered the Lerrnahank Countship to the northwest, Gricsyn to the northeast, the Nautilus Ocean to the east, and the Amacata Desert to the west.

The Byn'makha people were the first inhabitants of what would become the Southern Peaks Countship. The Empire of the Red Tower colonized the region soon after their conquest of Gricsyn, and enslaved the byn'makha. Slave revolts throughout the Empire of the Red Tower spread to the byn'makha and other residents of what would go on to become the Southern Peaks Countship, leading to their freedom and integration as part of Amicalis.

Some humans who had been enslaved by the Empire of the Red Tower settled in the Southern Peaks Countship, and immigration into and trading with the region continued as more prosperous businesses sprung up, especially once the advent of steam-powered locomotives allowed people to travel relatively rapidly down the long province. Though the western savanna remained a dangerous frontier well into the diesel age, the eastern coasts and grasslands gave rise to large fishing and whaling industries, especially as the Southern Peaks Countship offered deeper coastal waters compared to the other regions of Amicalis.

The areas of the Southern Peaks Countship west of the Eastern Range were inhabited by ceratomorphs, buffalo, hippopotamuses, suiformes, proboscideans, pantherans, and gharials, making it both dangerous and a popular destination for big game hunters and scientists.