Sen Forest

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Sen Forest is an area within the Shuang region encompassing much of the eastern regions. The city-state of Briskwind is located in this area. Sen Forest is often used to harvest trees. To ensure a steady supply of wood, large tree farms were built outside the forest to take advantage of the resource.


Sen Forest has a greater amount of precipitation than the rest of Shuang. Temperatures can go as low as -30° F in the winter and as high as 40° F during the summer. As a result, the region is warm enough so that snow is not year round.


Sen Forest is one of the most magical locations in Shuang. When the Winter Sigil brought life to the land, Sen Forest was the area that was affected the most. The area attracted dozens of nature spirits and many other magical creatures making it a glamorous oasis among the harsh ice desert.

The main type of tree in the Sen Forest is the Frostwood Tree, a crystalline, icy blue tree that grows 20 meters high. Most of the forest's other flora are enchanted, capable of shifting around. As a result, it is very easy to get lost within the Sen Forest.

At night, many of the flora tends to glow, brilliantly lighting up the forest in a wondrous spectacle.  Fireflies and other glowing creatures also dwell within the forest.

Points of interest

Briskwind Town Hall

The Briskwind Town Hall is a large, mansion-like structure that is five stories tall. The ground floor is open to the public, but the upper floors are restricted areas.

Sen Fairy Ring

One of the few known fairy rings in the world, the Sen Fairy Ring is a portal that leads to Farandia. Currently, it is not functioning at maximum power resulting it being strict in terms of transportation abilities. It is said that only innocent individuals can enter the ring.