Religion in the Xeng Empire

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The dominant religion of the Xeng Empire is spirit worship.


In place of worshiping gods, Xengese people instead meditate to attune themselves to the spirit world. Through meditation, one can clear their minds of trivial worries to remain focused on the major tasks at hand.

Xengese religion does not recognize the authority of the gods, believing that only mortals are capable of doing great things. While Chun himself never enforced this ideal, many attribute Chun as having brought life to the Shuang region while the gods did not clean up their mess after the Moroitos-Demon War. As a result, there are many sects within Xengese religion. Many agree on the same ideas, but differ on to what degree it should be enforced.

The god Maj, the source of all of their technology, is treated more as an energy source and a part of nature rather than a deity in its own right.