Principality of Zaragon

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The Principality of Zaragon is a province of the Kingdom of Polvora located in the Picos Mountains. During the Volveros Revolution, it was ruled by Prince Leon.

Points of interest

  • Fort Gail - Named after the war hero General Gail, this is a military installation located at the base of Mt. Farley, a rather tall peak in the Picos Mountains. Fort Gail is considered the capital of Zaragon as it has its own castle with fortified stone walls. The largest division of the Mountain Guard is also stationed here.
  • Mt. Farley - Mt. Farley is a notably tall mountain in the Picos Mountains. A winding overpass connects Fort Gail to a watchtower located close to the summit.


Founded by the prince of the same name, Zaragon began as a series of semi-permanent war encampments to fend off the raiding Picos Barbarians who were constantly patrolling the mountains to look for breaches. The Mountain Guard, an order of knights, was established as a specialized militarized force - the prince's personal militia.

While raids have certainly declined with the expansion of Polvora to the north into the Amacata Desert, many of the knightly traditions persist to the modern day.


Zaragon's infantry division of the Mountain Guard comprises of knights. Every knight begins as a page at age 7 where they are taught strategy through games. At age 14, they become a squire and will often join knights on missions who serve as a mentor and guide. At age 21, they become a knight. Further ranks are acquired on the account of demonstrations of courage.

Because the barbarians also heavily rely on attrition, Zaragon also makes heavy use of artillery, particularly mounted cannons.