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The Klymu are a spacefaring species native to the Kroctus Cluster in the Central Far South Arm of the Crucible Galaxy.


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Klymu are quadrupedal reptilian creatures with flexible digits at the feet. They are far more agile in the water than they are on land.


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The religion most Klymu practice is known as Taevalik, the worship of the heavens and celestial bodies. They believe that all objects in space are considered divine, the life givers of the universe. While one is allowed to mine a world for resources, regular animal sacrifices must be made as a means of giving back to the universe. It is considered blasphemy to destroy a planet, as Taevalik followers view it as murder.


Klymu have managed to achieve Type I status and have only recently discovered interstellar travel by using slipspace. They have claimed a total of 6 star systems.