Port Arcoris

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Port Arcoris is a bustling city at the southern tip of the Gibral Peninsula at the eastern corner of the Camino Channel. Exotic goods from throughout the South Nautilus Isles find their way here.



The docks are the southeastern most part of the city. Ships from all over the isles stop by here. Only a short distance from the docks off the coast is a small rocky island with a lighthouse.

Market Plaza

The Market Plaza is a circular area only a short distance north of the docks. The centermost area contains market stalls while the outer areas have shops within buildings. Some of the notable shops are as follows:

  • Blacksmith - An assortment of swords, armor and other metal goods. They sell mostly steel items, but mithril objects are available as well for a steep price. The blacksmith also provides services for custom-made objects, and the cost is lower if the customer is able to provide existing materials to work with.
  • General store - Items that some may call junk, but to others are treasures. You will find just about anything here for a cheap price. The quality is disputable, but is considered reasonable for everyday needs.
  • Gunsmith - A store that sells explosives. Among what you see are rockets, dynamite and a few muskets. Open flames are not allowed here.
  • Magic trinket store - An assortment of magical charms are available here. The Flameward Bracelet and the Twin Sun Charm are among some of the notable charms. The former can repel high temperatures while the latter can heal the user once every 24 hours of sunlight.
  • Bakery - Polvorish cakes, breads and other foods. A flyer claims that they have magical preservatives, allowing them to stay fresh for weeks. Polvoran baguettes and Flame Peppers are sold here.
  • Fishery - An assortment of exotic fish for sale, as well as a few goods derived from the fish. Anti-Venom, a potion derived from the Segaran stonefish, is sold here.


The Shanties are an area to the southwest of the docks compromised of crudely built shacks. This area is rundown but most of the population resides here. One of the most popular gathering locations is the Dancing Dragon Inn.