Picos Barbarians

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The Picos Barbarians are a group of tribes native to the Picos Mountains of the Gibral Peninsula.


The Picos Barbarians began as an isolated tribe that had no desire to contact other civilizations. When the Polvorans begun to advance north, the Picos retaliated with astonishing power and resilience. Their superior guerrilla tactics and knowledge of the terrain made it nearly impossible for Polvora to advance to the north. Soon, the Picos would declare war on Polvora for their unprovoked attacks.

When the Picos went on the offensive, Prince Zaragon of Polvora established a military installation at the base of the mountains which would later be known as the Principality of Zaragon. They became an elite militia that would hold off the Picos raiders.


The Picos live a very aggressive, warrior lifestyle. Political power is derived from battle skills. One advances themselves in society not only through proving themselves in battle, but also through backstabbing. An assassin who slays an acclaimed leader will take his place as said leader.

The Picos also take slaves, either foreigners or members of their society considered too weak to fight. These slaves are directly forced into labor through a pacifying hallucinogen that makes them lethargic, yet extremely susceptible to suggestion. Slaves who are under the influence of the hallucinogen are able to literally work themselves to death without any conscious resistance.