Phaber Countship

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The Phaber Countship was a countship of Amicalis, located centrally and to the east, bordering the Nautilus Ocean eastward, Gricsyn to the south, the Lerrnahank Countship to the west, and the Bezard Countship and Cloudfield Frontier to the north. The Phaber Countship was covered in grasslands, flood-meadows, and wetlands, and seasonal monsoon flooding changed the landscape depending on the time of year in many places. The people of the Phaber Countship had taken advantage of the abundance of fertile, arable land to cultivate a rich agricultural industry.

During the early Immigration Era of Khyorganese history, the Adonbaxi civilization constructed some settlements in the region and travelled through Phaber to trade with the Maliekt peoples; During the late Immigration Era and the Magitek Era, the Empire of the Red Tower colonized what became the Phaber Countship, and caused environmental damage to the region through overgrazing of their farm animals; The Empire of the Red Tower forcibly relocated many slaves from the Capital Countship out into collective farms in the Phaber Countship.

The Phaber Countship controlled several archipelagos of islands to the east of it's mainland, which help to dampen the effects of oceanic storms. The Net Strait, the body of water between the mainland of the Phaber Countship and it's island expanse, was a popular sailing route during stormy seasons, and a healthy income was brought in from merchants marketing to sailors traveling between Obreidhion or Andavronia and the capital Countship, the Garchom Sea, or any of the few points of interest in eastern Dhelarushick, such as the Empire of the Rising Sun or the Polvoran colonies in Taivor.