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Ouropoli is a forgotten city flying high above the remnants of the Kronen Empire. Ouropoli was built more than 4,000 years before the appearance of Abraxas.


Under Kronia’s guidance, the city was to be a cradle for humanity to protect them from the malevolent gods and giants that terrorized the world below. Ouropoli became a highly advanced civilization, having mastered the use of magical technology thanks to the wisdom and knowledge Kronia imparted.

It was not Kronia’s intention, but Ouropoli soon began to create extremely destructive weapons of war using the technology they were granted. The Council of Divines did not allow Ouropoli to advance any further or else the disaster that was the Shattering could be repeated. As such, Kronia was forced by the Council to close down the city. She guided the citizens to the surface to start their own civilization from scratch by letting them build technology using their own ingenuity. Beyond that, Kronia was forbidden by the Council from directly intervening with civilization any further.

Ever since that time, artificial sentries began to patrol Ouropoli’s empty streets to protect the ruins from would be intruders. The only way to reach the city is through flying on the back of a dragon. With the remnants of Kronen looking to gather resources to defend themselves against the invading demons, the lost relics of Ouropoli became a popular target for adventurers. However, because of the dangers that lie about, very few adventurers have returned from a trip to Ouropoli. Even so, many treasures lie hidden within the city to discover.