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Version 2.0 revised October 2019

Welcome to the Omniverse Nexus. By accessing and using this site, you agree to the following terms of use.


  • Nexus - Shorthand for the Omniverse Nexus. Refers to the entity that defines anything related to the site and the intellectual property.
  • Wiki - The primary platform of delivery of the Omniverse Nexus. This is defined as any web page that falls under the URL and is hosted on the Omniverse Nexus server.
  • User - A user is someone who reads wiki content, actively discusses Nexus content, or utilizes Nexus properties in media works beyond the wiki. All users must agree to these terms of service before use.
  • Author - An author is a user that possesses editing rights on the wiki and makes active contributions towards content creation. All authors are users but not all users are authors.
  • Site Owner - The user who owns and operates the Omniverse Nexus server
  • Creation - A creation may include a character, story, location or other content. Creations may either be individually owned by authors or collectively owned by the Nexus.
  • Setting - The intellectual properties related to the Nexus. These define the overall collection of creations. Settings are owned by the Nexus.
  • External Media - Creations and content part of Settings that exist outside of the Wiki. External Media may be either non-commercial or commercial.


We reserve the right to update and modify these terms as we see fit. It is your responsibility to check this page to review any such changes that have been made.

By using this site, you agree that you are at least age 13 and acknowledge that the Nexus is not intended for children under age 13.

User Conduct

You agree to follow the rules of the Nexus and any future updates to the rules. In addition, you agree to not use the Nexus to do the following:

  • Abuse or threaten other Nexus users
  • Post content that promotes any form of discrimination or anything that encourages criminal conduct
  • Post pornographic writings or images
  • Post illegal or unauthorized content
  • Violate laws in your jurisdiction, including but not limited to copyright laws
  • Advertising or solicitations of businesses


The Settings depicted on the Wiki are the property of the Nexus. Properties of the Nexus are collectively owned and may be expanded upon by Authors within the scope of the Wiki.

An Author has the right to claim ownership of one or more creations. An Author holds the copyright to their creation and deems their creations’ terms of use with other users so long as it does not contradict the Nexus’ terms of use.

An Author cannot claim individual ownership of a Setting. The Site Owner is responsible for the management of the license of the Settings. Use of the Settings in other media beyond the wiki requires the use of the same license as the Nexus. This is not required with the licensing of Creations.

If the licensing status of a particular Creation is ambiguous, the Site Owner will determine its copyright status as well as which Authors if any it should belong to.

The Nexus falls within the jurisdiction of the United States of America. As such, it is subject to the copyright laws of the United States. License of a Creation falls under the jurisdiction of the Author’s home country.

Authors take full responsibility for their Creations. The Nexus does not endorse any political, religious or personal opinions the Author may have expressed via the Nexus’ services. The Author agrees that whatever they post is in accordance with the Nexus copyright policy and Nexus rules. The Author also agrees that their Creations do not intend to insinuate unlawful activities within the Author’s jurisdiction.

External Media

Commercial and Non-Commercial External Media that uses Creations part of the Nexus are allowed. Use of the Nexus intellectual properties in External Media implies an agreement to the Nexus terms of service.

Use of a Creation requires following the Author’s licensing agreement which may or may not include acquiring permission. At a base level, one should provide credit to the Author and specify which Creations the Authors are responsible for. This can be done through the use of the Author’s wiki username, social media alias or real name.

Use of a Setting in External Media requires direct permission from the Site Owner. Somewhere within the External Media, one or more of the following must be included: the URL to the Omniverse Nexus website or a clear image of the Omniverse Nexus logo.

Commercial External Media require an official written contract with the Site Owner and all involved Authors with the External Media. The contract must be agreed upon by all parties to remain legally viable.

At this time, Commercial External Media may only be sold within the United States of America. Commercial exchanges of External Media that use the Nexus intellectual properties in areas outside the United States of America is not permitted.

The Nexus does not take legal or financial responsibility for External Media unless otherwise specified in the contract. The legal and financial responsibilities fall entirely on the Authors, the distributors of the External Media and any other involved parties.

Other Terms and Conditions

These terms of use as well all other site policies completely replace any prior agreements between you and the Nexus.

If any part of this agreement is deemed invalid, then the rest of it remains valid and enforceable to full effect.