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Star Kyutha
Type Snowball planet
Satellites Hielo, Heladar
Gravity 0.8 G
Orbital distance 1.4 AU
Day length 27 hours
Year length 552.3 days
Diameter 12,432 km
Axial tilt 14.4°
Average -15°F
Minimum -167°F
Maximum 5°F
Composition 81% argon, 18% oxygen, 1% other gases
Surface pressure 0.9 atm
Population Unknown
Imports Unknown
Exports Unknown

Odalegnoc is located in the Kyutha system. The planet is covered in vast ice sheets and is considered barely habitable. The planet has two small, rocky moons named Hielo and Heladar.


Not enough sunlight reaches the temperate and polar regions, leaving endless ice sheets obscured in darkness. The only habitable region on the planet's surface is at the equator. On the surface, it is barely warm enough for it to snow. High winds create blizzards that rarely ever subside. Surface water is also difficult to find, but hot springs are common around geothermal vents.

In the equatorial regions, Odalegnoc is mostly an ice desert with sparse, frozen lakes. The hot springs regions contain pocket forests, where most surface life is found.

Deep underground are a series of cave systems. Few surface entrances have been discovered as many of these entrances have been buried under snow and ice.


Odalegnoc is home to a variety of different mammalian life forms such as the Gamna. Lichenous growths thrive in the cave systems below.

Karalian colonists also imported embryos of Ucharpli animals as a means of making settlements more practical. Although Ghorax attacks would eventually lead to ecosystem contamination when animals escaped from their pens, fortunately, Odalegnoc's native life was able to handle the invasive animals.


  • Cave Lichen - A type of lichen that thrives near hot springs and geothermal vents
  • Silvertree - A native tree with hard, metallic bark.


  • Gamna - A fur covered herbivore that roams the desert.
  • Dire Arkleon - Although the Dire Arkleon has no relation to its Ucharpli counterpart, they evolved similarly via convergent evolution. The Dire Arkleon inhabits the forests of Odalegnoc and preys on Gamna

Imported animals


Odalegnoc was initially colonized after artifacts from the Buyuk Wars were discovered, including the frozen remains of an Anti-Machine commander. This led to numerous archaeological expeditions where ancient Ghorax became the most popular academic topic.

Some historians claim that the Buyuk Empire saw the Karalian's presence as a threat and that they were intruding on historical ground. Others believe that the Buyuk Empire simply went after them as part of their galactic conquest campaign. While the exact cause of Phase I of the Buyuk Wars remains unclear today, their attacks led to future colonization plans of the planet being postponed indefinitely.