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Star Szon
Type Brown dwarf
Satellites 36
Gravity N/A
Orbital distance 107 AU
Day length N/A
Year length 1010 Earth years
Diameter 151,934 km
Axial tilt Zero
Average 890 °F
Minimum 890 °F
Maximum 890 °F
Composition Mix of lithium and methane
Surface pressure N/A
Population 100,543 (all moons)
Imports None
Exports Lithium

Lykodyrr is a brown dwarf, and the eleventh planet in the Szon system. It is deep within the Great Cloud region of the system and is an unusual planet in that it takes over 1,000 years to make a complete orbit.

Physical characteristics

Like all brown dwarves, Lykodyrr is considered by many scientists to be a failed star. It is too small to sustain hydrogen-helium fission, but it manages to radiate it its own heat causing it glow faintly. Lykodyrr is roughly 64 Jupiter masses.

Lykodyrr has had a minor gravitational resonance on the inner system, stabilizing the formation of Szon's gas giants


Lykodyrr has 36 moons, most of which are just captured asteroids. Many of them are irregular in shape, and surprisingly enough, the dim light from Lykodyrr makes many of them surprisingly comfortable in temperature for Vaikan. As a result, settlements were easy to build, requiring little more than an artificial nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere.


Lykodyrr is considered outside of the main Szon system space. Its remoteness makes it inconvenient as a gateway planet, so ships are not required to pass through it before arriving at Ucharpli. Lykodyrr instead serves as a remote outpost with several mining stations both on the asteroids and in the brown dwarf's atmosphere.

Lykodyrr is most infamously known for its large prison complex built out of the mined out husk of one of Lykodyrr's smaller moons. The prison, known as Lykodyrr Prison Complex, is a maximum security prison, containing some of the worst criminals in Karalian space.