Lunar Atoll

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Lunar Atoll is the largest island of the Ringshadow Isles located far south of Khyorgan. Lunar Atoll is located beneath the shadow of Erudite’s ring Isha’s Grace. Thus, it falls in its shadow which causes the area to be colder than the tropical areas to the north and south.


The native Moon Elves are thought to have originated from seafaring elves from Valorum that first set foot in the Ringshadow Isles approximately 10,000 years ago. Upon settling, they evolved traits of Moon Elves. Thus, they became the Fallathar.

Geography and Climate

While much of the Ringshadow Isles are cold deserts, Lunar Atoll is surprisingly green due to geothermal heat from below. It is thought the source of the heat may have come from a meteor impact about one million years ago. Said meteor carried deposits of ekati that the Moon Elves used to build their civilization.

Lunar Atoll has a dry and wet season. Snow and rain is incredibly rare during the dry season, but it is present during the wet season.


  • Naticidia - A major city considered the heart of the Moon Elf civilization known as the Fallathar. It is known for the Naticidia University of Astromancy which has done extensive research on Erudite’s cosmology.


  • Prosilin - An omnivorous lemur-like creature with large eyes adapted to seeing at night. They feed mostly on plants, insects, lizards and young Star Snails.
  • Tauropod - A large gastropod the size of a cow. They are considered sacred animals to the Moon Elves. Male Tauropods have large horns which they use to defend themselves from predators.
  • Star Snail - A smaller gastropod often farmed by the Fallathar for their shells and flesh. It is considered the primary delicacy. They can grow to be the size of a melon.
  • Nightstalker - A nocturnal quadrupedal creature that shows features of canines and felines. They have long blue fur and sharp claws. They hunt in packs and are dangerous in the wild. However, they can be tamed as pets and hunting companions.
  • Ringshadow Equator Bear - A species of Equator Bear adapt to living in and near the sea. They have the endurance to swim for miles to reach different nearby islands.
  • Corvihawk - A large crow with massive talons. They hunt Tauropod calves by lifting them into the air then dropping them from great height to shatter their shells. Groups of Corvihawks may swarm in an attempt to tackle larger Tauropods.