Library of Morwrol

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The Library of Morwrol is a sunken, underwater labyrinth just off the coast of Oceanfell, one of the few remaining aspects of the United Plane that somehow managed to survive the Shattering. Upon its shelves are books that contain knowledge on literally everything - all things past, present and future, other worlds, personal biographies, completely unknown concepts and ideas, and even fleeting thoughts. Because there is an infinite amount of books, the library seems to exist within a pocket dimension.

The Library itself is also sentient. It can directly communicate with the mortals that visit it while also giving instructions to the Librarians, ghostly apparitions that imitate the form of the species it talks to, to search for books and give them to mortals. Among some of the early tomes that were given to mortals were how-to guides on farming, structural engineering and magic. One of the most valuable treasures hidden in the Library is the Seasoul.

Despite the books containing all possible knowledge, the Library is virtually impossible to navigate without the Librarians' help. It would take one thousands of lifetimes to search for the book they were looking for while the books that are readily available to them are complete gibberish. Thus, only the guardians known as the Librarians are able to find and retrieve the information.

Mortals attempting to seek knowledge without the Librarians' help will find themselves wandering aimlessly for eternity. Eerily, the library is also literred with the skeletons of those that spent the rest of their lives reading the books from the library.


During the time of the United Plane, Ouroboros began to chronicle his dreams into one location, but soon found out that doing so was exhausting while he was also busy spending his energy creating the planes. Thus, he made the library sentient, and also created several Librarians that could help search for books to give mortals knowledge to teach them how to live their lives

Because of the Library's very nature, it was actually spared from the Shattering. In fact, some groups of mortals even chose the library as a hiding spot, and their descendants would be members of an order that passed on sacred knowledge to one another.

Even though much of the physical building was destroyed, deep in a tiny fragment of underwater ruins, the library survives while the arrangement of the infinite books merely reconfigured themselves. However, since then, the Librarians have remained idle, waiting for new mortals to rediscover the knowledge.

During the Demon Wars, the Freelancer discovered the Library of Morwrol with the help of the Palvari Tribe to locate the Seasoul.