Ice Temple (Erudite Tales)

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The entrance to the Ice Temple

The Ice Temple is an ancient structure found on the summit of Mt. Shen Wu.  It was originally a massive Moroitos fortress that was destroyed by a Colossus Demon, the remaining part of it being the temple itself.  Hidden inside is the Winter Sigil, a powerful artifact said to grant any mortal the powers of the gods.


The Ice Temple a large pagoda-shaped building with several pillars at its entrance. Inside is a great room where Shuang Nomads ocassionally enter to practice worship. However, going deeper into the temple is forbidden. Beyond the Forbidden Door is an elaborate labrynith which leads to a sanctum housing the Winter Sigil itself. The golem inhabited by the soul of the ancient elf Chun resides in here, guarding the powerful artifact from the hands of the greedy.


During the Demon-Moroitos War, the Demons summoned a Colossus to destroy the Moroitos stronghold on top of Mt. Shen Wu.  After a devastating battle, the Moroitos sent the Colossus Demon back to the earth using the Winter Sigil, but also turned Shuang from a lush forest to an icy wasteland. Millenia later, an elf chieftain named Chun had discovered the Ice Temple and the Winter Sigil several centuries before the founding of the Xeng Empire. Fortunately, Chun was a modest elf. He wanted his clansmen to have a new home, so he wished for life to inhabit Shuang. After that, Chun remained the temple's guardian for eternity, while the rest of his clansmen set out into the icy desert to found a new civilization.

Should the Winter Sigil ever be removed from the Ice Temple, Chun will lose ownership of it and his wishes will be erased which would cause all life on Shuang to die out.