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Hsigo are semi-intelligent white monkeys with feathery wings on their back. They are native to Jiao Island which is off the coast of Eidyn. The island shares a similar geography as Shuang.


Hsigo are small primates with four legs, two feathery wings and a medium-length tail. Their fur is white, and they have small ears and black eyes. They are capable of gliding short distances, and are able to fly between Jiao Island and the mainland. However, they prefer to stay on their native island as food is far more abundant there. While Hsigo are weak when alone, they are strong and intelligent when found in groups.

Each of their four legs contain opposable thumbs which allow them to grip four different objects at once even when gliding through the air.


Hsigo live in colonies of at least seventeen. They live up in the white trees of the island to stay out of reach from its sole predator, the Snow Bear.


Hsigo primarily feed off of frostanas, silver-blue bananas that grow on Frostana Trees, a subspecies of white tree. However, Hsigo are also omnivorous, and they will also feed off of ice ants and snow wasps.


Hsigo are also capable of understanding speech, and to some degree can speak a few words for themselves. While most of their own language is intelligible, some discernible sentences are distinguishable when Hsigo are found in groups with the ability to describe their surroundings in surprising detail.


Hsigo are often kept as pets by the Xeng Empire. Most of the time, a Hsigo will openly accept the hospitality of a civilian establishment. In exchange for protection, a Hsigo will agree to be a household servant.