House Agate

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House Agate is a noble family of Arguros located at the western border. While it still exists as a city-state, Agate functions as a puppet state for Amethyst in exchange for military protection.


House Agate was a relatively quiet place as its denizens prefer to live in peace. As House Agate practices pacifism, they have no military of their own. To many, Agate is a haven for those looking to practice skilled labor without hassle.


Agate citizens are taught to actively better their own lives passively. Using resources not for violence but to help others. As such, all forms of weaponry are banned, and only the Amethyst guards are allowed to carry firearms.

Agate actively practices mage slavery, although they have local laws forbidding the mistreatment of them. Mage slaves, despite their use to produce artificial ekati, are in fact treated extraordinarily well and are cared for as children. Unlike many other ekati reactors which suffer from poor sanitary conditions and lack of overall safety, Agate reactors are built to be sanctuaries with the quality level of noble palaces.

The members of the Agate family own reactors within the city. It is tradition that mage slaves within the reactor take on the surname equal to the first name of the Agate member who owns it. Doing so builds greater attachment and care, giving the mage slaves an identity.


The members of the Agate noble family have virtually no power at all and mostly act as figureheads for the city-state. Despite this, they appear as role models for other citizens to follow.


During the 1920's of the Arguros Calendar, House Agate saw a steep downfall when Amethyst begun to withdraw its own troops and police from it leaving it more vulnerable to crime. Because of Agate's pacifistic nature, they had no effective means of defending themselves from the stirring chaos, and Agate suffered through declining living conditions as they failed to maintain the resources needed for their reactors.

One of the nobles, Lynette Agate became forced to close the reactor she owned and liquidate her assets due to Agate's worsening economy. She attempted to give away her mage slaves for free to other city-states, but ultimately ended up releasing most of them to allow them to find their own destinies. Some of them chose to live quiet lives in the outskirt villages, but one of them, Darcy Lynette, was found by a recruiter and ended up joining the Militia.