Henkle Osborn

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Henkle Osborn
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Born Undefinable
Species Metabeing

Henkle is an enigmatic, god-like being who runs the Infinite Tournament. An all-knowing being, Henkle seeks to live through the thrill and peril of near-death for himself, so he organized a tournament to find the most powerful mortals in the universe who could face him.

Henkle's origins remain a mystery and no one can quite agree how he came to be. Some say he was an ordinary street performer that rose to godhood. Others say he was a Goar that mastered the dark arts far beyond anyone. And others believe him to be an extraordinarily powerful Id. Ultimately, his ability to travel between universes and timelines renders every single one of these possible explanations both simultaneously true and simultaneously false. Whatever the case, he created the Infinite Tournament to facilitate his own desires.


Henkle has no true defined appearance but he commonly appears as a tall green-skinned man with a top hat, a tuxedo and a cane.


Henkle is cruel and sadistic with a dark sense of humor. He is a master manipulator and knows how to toy with people's emotions. He knows what to say exactly when to say it to get under someone's skin. Unlike some Id which feed off or encourage negative emotions for sustenance, Henkle purely messes with and tortures others for no reason than his own amusement. Henkle is bored and wants to be entertained, but he also wishes to entertain others. He is incredibly charismatic especially around other gods.


Henkle is said to be both omnipotent and omniscient over the dream worlds. He sees every iteration of every possible dream in every human that has ever lived or will live. He can also shape and twist any dream world to his will to look like anything, and he can crossover into other universes at will. His virtually unlimited power has made him very bored so he purposely limits himself so that he can experience the thrills of basic human emotions.

Perhaps one of Henkle's most notable abilities is that he can bring anyone back from the dead. That means if someone chooses to take their own life in an attempt to escape Henkle's torture, Henkle will simply bring them back to life to experience the torture again.

Henkle is believed to be unkillable. If his current form is destroyed, an incarnation from a parallel universe will take his place. As every action creates a diverging parallel universe where the opposite action occurred, Henkle will always survive every attempt to kill him. The only theoretical way to defeat him would be prevent the inception of the idea of Henkle from ever occurring anywhere in the multiverse. Should someone ever think of him, he'll always come back. Perhaps the only true way to defeat him is to give Henkle exactly what he wants: a worthy fight.