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Welcome to the Dreamwalkers setting!

We're the place where wild, fantastical myths and dreams are brought to life. We explore the myriad dreamworlds contained within the infinite Gyrus through people, known as dreamwalkers, who can venture out beyond their waking world. Gods and spirits of all shapes and sizes inhabit every corner of the known worlds and dreamworlds, and each has its own motivations, experiences and biology. There's War Between Gods, apocalypses, mythic deities and endless wanderlust.

Chromogar is the loremaster of this setting. This means he's the best person to ask if you have any questions about the setting's lore or structure.


Everything is connected by one infinite cosmic structure: the Gyrus. It stretches beyond what any human has ever seen. Like a tree, or a pair of lungs, it has many branches which are the paths between worlds. These 'branches' connect dreamworlds together and are grouped in clusters.

Earth is the homeworld of humanity and where the species originated from some 300-200 thousand years ago. Humans didn't stop their expansion with the colonisation of all of Earth. Many thousands of years ago, they ventured out into the Gyrus through their Dreamings. During this exploration, they discovered the Primanna, home to Coracan and an ancient elemental harmony and Atzlan, a timeless, inside-out world dominated by living natural forces.

Each cluster inhabited by humans has its own unique set of cultures shaped by the differing rules of nature and this includes their attitudes to the organisms alternately known as dark spirits or Id. Sol and Primanna humans have viewed the id as an eternal enemy to be fought and conquered. But the people of the mysterious and unforgiving Lusderra cluster have found a way to live in harmony with the dark spirits.

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