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Greyfall is a city-state of the Xeng Empire.


Greyfall is a giant sinkhole 400 meters deep. It was originally a mining settlement that quickly became prosperous after a Bashe in the area was defeated. Most of the city is found at the base of the sinkhole while numerous cliffside establishments are dotted along the walls. To get in and out of the city, one must ride a mechanical lift for an airship ferry.

A large wall surrounds the edge of the sinkhole to slow down potential invaders. The inner walls are lined with cannons, and many terraces and platforms also provide areas for archers.


Greyfall was founded as a mining settlement. Large quarries were dug out so that ore could be transported to other city-states. However, at the time, the Frost Elves there were unaware that they were digging above a Bashe nest. And so, they had awoken the large beast which turned the quarries into an enormous sinkhole 400 meters deep.

Many lives were lost attempting to slay the monster, but eventually, the Bashe was defeated, and the creature's skull remains as a natural landmark located at the edge of the crater. The rest of the skeleton is frozen into the cliff-siding.