Golden Empire of Creation

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The Golden Empire of Creation is a nation created by Malcide and his Abominations.


The abominations first came into being by the will of the Primordial Malcide, who desired greatly to create a people of his own, and sacrificed his body in the process of doing so, leaving behind only his single elephantine eye. The abominations began to spread fourth across Khyorgan during the time of the sentinels, before the reign of the races of Man.

During the Immigration Era of Khyorgan, the abominations came into contact with the many races arriving to Khyorgan from Valordyn and elsewhere, including several varieties of Man, such as the elves, dwarves, and humans, and often preyed upon them; Abominations were largely to blame for the lack of significant human expansion into Dhelarushick. The Empire of the Red Tower captured some abominations and brought them back to Heznland, leading to occasional rogue abomination sightings even in Eidyn.

The Abominations did not benefit significantly from the Magitek Era, but many of their opponents did, leading to a century of decline and territorial losses for the abominations on many fronts. Some profitable ventures, however, were made for the abominations during this time, when the Aurum Confederacy and Empire of Shai-shan went to war.

As the Dark Age of Khyorgan began, though, the Abominations flourished once again, as technology and magic declined the physical power of the abominations became a valuable asset, and the manpower the Golden Empire of Creation was able to muster by the end of the dark ages was matched by few. The abominations swarmed from east to west across Dhelarushick and wiped out hundreds of villages throughout the century.

During the Medieval Era of Khyorgan, when more powerful nations began to emerge, such as the Kingdom of Taurya and Kingdom of Polvora, the Abominations were worn down as their forces were spread thin in patches around Khyorgan, leaving them vulnerable. Their vulnerability was taken advantage of as, at the end of the era, King Matharis IV launched the Abomination Crusades, expelling the abominations from Obreidhion, leaving their forces in Andavronia to be wiped out as well.

As Matharis fell out with with his people, the Tauryans, and turned his attention towards the Gomchar Empire and the Qilin, the Golden Empire of Creation consolidated the abomination forces in Dhelarushick and Lexighor, reducing the scope of their presence in favor of a more compact, more powerful nation.

When the War of Khyorgan began, the abominations were happy to let the Shadow Force fight the now separate Tauryans and Matharians, and were far from saddened to see the collapse of the Kingdom of Taurya and end of the Matharian golden age, but nonetheless eventually came to blows with the Shadow Force and it's army of demons as they expanded east along the Gomchar Sea. After the destruction of the Binding Machine, a construct which kept the Demons loyal to the Shadow Force, many Bruinkorians trapped between the Polvorans & Matharians to the West and Amicalis to the East fled northward into Dhelarushick, and were mercilessly hunted by the abominations living there.