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Gierkliff is a forested region located in eastern Eidyn. It is bordered by the Frozen Vale, Teleios, East Teleios, Varden and Central Eidyn, as well as the Leviathan Areas.

Points of Interest

Tepezi Desert

Main article: Tepezi Desert

A dry region of Varden and Gierkliff inhabited by the Ko'atl. The most prominent landmark here is Tletl Tepetl, an ancient volcano that hosts an Aard'Vorn known as the Eternal Flame. The Ko'atl fiercely guard it from outsiders.

Native life

  • Giant Rat - A rodent the size of a terrier.
  • Polar Worm - Massive, worm-like creature with ant-like legs, hostile to anything that invades its territory, will eat intruders
  • Sarfanger - Massive grub-like creature that eats corpses
  • Rustmunch - Massive beetle-like creature that uses Magic to rust metal and devours the rust
  • Gigaspi - Massive Spider-like creature, large enough to use as a mount if it can be tamed. Unlike their smaller counterparts, these are actually quite intelligent
  • Mosquin - Large, mosquito-like fiends, one is capable of sucking enough blood in one sitting to kill a child
  • Komodo - Cave-dwelling creatures that resemble bipedal monitor lizards, they usually wield spears and are fiercely territorial
  • Coprum Leatherwing - Resembling a small dragon with copper-colored scales, these winged creatures are one of the few creatures who dare fly the skies in the colder northern regions of Eidyn.