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Ghadi is a city on Noraur Isle, a mesa found off the edge of the Imperial Lands plateau in Shuang. It is an underground city whose inner regions can only be reached via boat. Although it is remote, it is very luxurious and a symbol of the Xeng Empire's technological prowess. The whole city is powered by flowing meltwater and clockwork mechanisms.

Since the Invasion of Leir, the city's main entrance was blocked off, and the only way to enter the city is by air.


The outside of the city consists of many docks with several ships surrounding a large cave filled with water. The cave starts out as a long tunnel eventually leading to a massive cavernous chamber. The inside of the cave rushes down with waterfalls created from meltwater seeping down from the surface above. The Xeng Empire has taken advantage of this by creating an elaborate series of water wheels. These water wheels power a complex network of mechanisms including clocks.

Some of these mechanisms include conveyor belts powered by the water wheels which deliver minerals and other objects all throughout the city. These mining tunnels circle all throughout the empire. Aqueducts directly channel water from the freshwater locked up inside the icy ceiling and walls.

Ghadi is far more cultural oriented than Yang Bao. Its lack of a powerful military as well as its difficulty of access makes it unsuitable for the capital of the Xeng Empire. As Ghadi has remained relatively isolated with minimal trade, the denizens of this great city prospered only among themselves.



The docks are located at the base of Noraur Isle. The purpose of this area is to receive imported goods and send exported goods as well as provide an area where ships can defend from invaders. The surrounding walls are lined with cannons.

Central District

The Central District is the main location of Ghadi and the first area seen upon entering the tunnel. Much of the buildings are constructed around a vast lake. A giant clock sits in the back as the city's dominant feature. The water powers some electrical machines which light up the clock brilliantly.

Deep Mines

The Deep Mines are a region consisting of a complex network of tunnels. It is a factory region with moving conveyor belts used for transporting ore. Much mining is done here.


The Farmlands are found on the island's surface. However, Noraur Isle has steep cliffs for coasts and is not reachable via sea. Therefore, the only way to travel to the Farmlands is via elevator lifts. The Farmlands consist of a vast plain of greenery that remains surprisingly temperate.