Garri Zarrel

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Garri Zarrel
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Also known as: The Barbarian; The Alterationist
Born 4973 AS
Affiliation Magic Knights of Leir
Race Human
Height 191 cm (6'3")
Weight 90 kgs (198 lbs)
Skills Alteration and in-depth knowledge of anatomy.

Garri Zarrel, the Alteration Master, is a member of the Leiran magic knights, a group of elite swordsmen who are well versed in both physical and magical combat. He is considered to be the most barbaric of the group, prefering to beat and break enemies with magicaly enhanced strength.


Altough his upbringing was considerably pleasent by Leirian standards, Garri has always been troubled. He supposedly killed a man simply for the fun of watching him die. The murder was never actually investigated and Garri began to train himself in all kinds of mundane practices, ranging from strategic attack planning to outright sadism. When his alteration powers were fully realised, he used them to satisfy his blood craving. He joined the magic knights as he believed it as the perfect means to justify his actions.

Skills and Abilities