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Froststream is a city-state in the Xeng Empire. It is one of the most important cities having a steady supply of fresh water.


Like most of Shuang, the surrounding area is an ice desert. However, Froststream is located just above a geothermal vent warming the area to pleasant temperatures allowing for some green grass to grow.  In the horizon, Crucible Mountain can be seen towering over and spewing with lava.  Froststream is situated at a safe distance away.

Due to the danger of Crucible Mountain, the region itself is not settled and is considered part of the Nomad Wilds.  Despite this, Crucible Mountain is one of the most important landmarks of the local area as its existence allowed Froststream to be created in the first place.


Froststream is one of the oldest establishments created by the Frost Elf people. It rivals Yang Bao when it comes to technological prowess. It is built at the edge of a river basin allowing easy shipping of goods to a few neighboring city-states. The architecture consists of great spires and a complex network of aqueducts that channel water from the basin to a radius over eight kilometers.

The green area of Froststream is used for farmland, with vast rice paddies as well as mammoth ranches. This backcountry area of Froststream is a common attack area of Bashe, giant serpents that prey on mammoths. Therefore, it is common to see guards patrolling this region in the event of an attack.

The river basin itself serves as a natural spa, being one of the primary attractions to the city-state.  The nearby landscape is adorned with steam vents and erupting geysers which add to the city-state's aesthetic qualities.


When the Xeng Empire was expanding, there were originally territorial disputes over Froststream for its fertile land. Today, it remains a cultural rival to Yang Bao.