First Plane

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The First Plane is the sanctuary created by the Demons and Moroitos to protect the last surviving mortals from both the Great Old One and the Shattering of the United Plane.


The First Plane is a circular disk 200 miles in diameter. On the surface is a grassy field which slopes upwards into a hill at the center which has a single oak tree. The sun always shines and clouds are sparse. Aside from these features, the First Plane is surprisingly unremarkable and unvarying.

In a small cave just underneath the oak tree, the Aard'Vorn known as the Wayward Stone stands as an obelisk. The Wayward Stone cannot be removed, and upon touching it, one would be sent to a random location in Erudite of their choosing. It was in this way that mortals were able to colonize the vast portions of Erudite in a short amount of time. However, once one left the First Plane, it was impossible to return because departing the First Plane was the affirmation that one no longer needed the sanctuary and was capable of surviving on their own.