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Named after the war that caused its divergence from our timeline, Eureka 01 is an alternate reality where the Eureka Stockade of 1854 escalated into an Australian revolutionary war, ultimately resulting in the overthrow of British colonial rule, and the establishment of an independent Australian republic.

Point of Divergence

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The date was 3 December 1854, in the midst of Hiscock's gold rush. A culmination of three years of protests against the Victorian colonial government, which had just days after the gold rush began in 1851 introduced a mining licence under Lieutenant Governor Charles La Trobe, the Eureka Rebellion was fought between the almost two hundred miners of the Ballarat Reform League and a colonial force of 276 troops. Battle began at 3 am, and was fierce, brief, and terribly one-sided. The miners' army was routed within ten minutes. During the short firefight, the miners' elected leader, Peter Lalor, was killed.

Interversal researchers have concluded that Lalor's death, which did not occur in our timeline, is the catalyst that sparked the birth of this alternate reality.