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Ema is a goddess said to be the mother of all life forms. She can shapeshift to take the form of any mortal species.


Ema is described as impossibly beautiful. One would be blinded should they look upon her in her true form. Ema is often depicted as a humanoid with purple skin and four arms. Common depictions show her wearing an ostentatious, brightly colored dress with numerous ribbons.


Ema is described as an everwatching maternal figure looking to care for her children. She is the symbol of power, leadership and wealth.


During the United Plane, Ema served as the mother of all life. She is said to have raised all the mortal species as if they were her own children.

When the United Plane shattered, she was annihilated. One day, her personality would return in the form of a fire nymph named Bara.