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Eidyn was a continent on Erudite.


Eidyn was largely dry and cold as the plate had more land than it did water. Most of the landscape consisted of deserts, plains and forests. Despite this, the size of Eidyn made it a diverse landscape in terms of biomes.




Eidyn had only one ocean known as the Leviathan Areas.

Sapient races

  • Human - Humans were the most widespread of races in Eidyn.
  • Frost Elf - The only native elf race in Eidyn. They were descendants of one of the first elves in Eidyn known as Chun.
  • Hegaska - Hegaska were an avian race mostly found in southern Leir.
  • Orc - Orcs were the descendants of Demon Ogres that thrived during the Demon-Moroitos War. They were one of the earliest inhabitants of Eidyn.
  • Dwarf - Endrin Dwarves were short humanoids incapable of using magic. They built large subterranean cities beneath Eidyn.


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