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The Earl of Amicalis was a title retained by the rulers of the Earldom of Amicalis. The title was transferred hereditarily by tradition, but in rare instances the regional leaders of Amicalis could bestow the position onto a non-heir of the ruling dynasty, or favor a younger heir who would not inherit the title naturally; Such a move was immensely dangerous and likely to cause civil war if the power was abused, leaving the position primarily an inherited one.


The Earl functioned as both the head of state and head of government of the Earldom. The Earl exercised supremacy over the government by his ability to veto laws and pardon those convicted of crimes, and was responsible for the armed forces, foreign affairs, and appointment of executive branch officials heading government institutions. The top bureaucrats and directors of the nation's administrative institutions would be appointed and dismissed at the Earl's whim, giving the title's holder much responsibility for the education, religion, economic wellbeing, and infrastructure of the nation.

List of Earls

Dasi Dynasty




Gondasanara Dasi

(982-1001 OT)
The first Earl and a founding figure of Amicalis, Gondasanara was an important leader during the war against the Empire of the Red Tower.

Zhonman Dasi

(1001-1037 OT)
Zhonman Dasi was the second Earl of Amicalis, and claimed Atonicka for the Earldom.

Shijan Dasi

(1037-1058 OT)
Shijan Dasi was the Earl to commission the creation of Amicalis Bronze. Shijan's government bankrolled many important metallurgists and other scientists, creating the State Inventors' Guild, the first federal agency overseeing invention and scientific advancement. Shijan is often credited for Amicalis' technological superiority, despite long predating important discoveries such as gunpowder or steam.

Bousmath Dasi

(1058-1101 OT)

Weizhame Dasi

(1101-1111 OT)
Weizhame was a champion martial artist who had little interest in being Earl, but unexpectedly assumed the title upon his father's sudden death. Weizhame invested much of his time into giving his personal guards better training and supporting swordsmanship and warrior training among the military and guards, leaving other areas of government largely unattended, failing to appoint heads to various agencies and causing disruption through negligence. Weizhame became the first Earl to be voted out of office and reigned only 10 years.

Edshui Dasi

(1111-1147 OT)
Edshui was Weizhame Dasi's younger brother, who successfully campaigned the counts of Amicalis to appoint him as Earl to replace his brother. Edshui was popular among commoners for catching up on work undone in civil service and infrastructure by his predecessor.

Mattirai Dasi

(1147-1203 OT)

Aradalath Dasi

(1203-1241 OT)
Aradalath did much to improve the status of elves in Amicalis, as they had historically been disadvantaged and neglected in Amicalis. Aradalath married a male half-elf, hence his sympathies towards the race, but as a result produced no blood heirs, and the dynasty ended with him.