Dreamwalkers: Myths of Coracan

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Dreamwalkers: Myths of Coracan is a weekly Wordpress series by Chromographia. This series is based on the world of Coracan in the Dreamwalkers setting and is told from the perspective of its main character, Daora Meredok.


This series was started on the 10th of March 2018, and was originally created by User:Chromogar as a story independent of the Omniverse Nexus. In July of the same year, User:Chromogar joined the Omniverse Nexus and integrated the series into the Dreamwalkers setting, after which it gained the name: Myths of Coracan. It is the basis for the Primanna cluster within Dreamwalkers.

Myths of Coracan is an ongoing series, currently in its second year of production.


Dreamwalkers: Myths of Coracan is a weekly Wordpress series on the blog Chromographia. It is centred around the life of its main character, Daora Meredok, a teenager from the bustling island city-state of Darana on the planet Coracan within the Primanna cluster of worlds within the Dreamwalkers setting.

Her story begins with the inexplicable disappearance of four of her closest friends, who are wiped from the memories of nearly everything that should've known them. Daora turns to her grandfather for help and he leads her on a long journey for answers involving her learning the art of dreamwalking in the midst of a time of ever-increasing violence and unrest among the numerous spirits of Coracan, a conflict which threatens to break out into open war.


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