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Demons are spirits born from locations of great death and suffering. They have built a civilization in Brunikor.


Just as Gods are composed of cosmic energy, Demons are composed of dark energy, They have no true physical form, but they can shapeshift to take the form of other species. Because their earliest followers were the Hellish species, the Demons only found it suitable to take forms similar to them, but Demon followers are not only limited to the Hellish races.


Early history

Early in the era of the United Plane, mortals were unable to die. While they lived forever, they would forever be cursed with earthly suffering and madness. The addition of death would end this suffering as well as allow new life to be able to enjoy the universe, but soon, mortals began to fear death, and those emotions and thoughts soon took the form of the first Demons.

By their very nature, Demons are creature of pure, negative emotion. Over the course of thousands of years, the most chaotic ones unable to control themselves soon died out as those who could rose to the top. The surviving demons, though they are vice incarnate, are more than capable of intelligent thought having learned to accept their very nature.

Many mortals, including humans and elves, utterly despised the Demons for their negative nature. However, the Hellish species such as Orcs embraced them as the pinnacle of self-control. As a result, the Demons begun to take a liking to these species and begun to manifest themselves in ways similar to them, similar to how the Gods like to take the form of non-Hellish species.

Demon-Moroitos War

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After the Shattering

After the ether was unleashed, the Demons assumed that all Gods were dead and no cosmic energy was left in the universe. Thus, they begun to take it upon themselves to begin culling the ghasts into their realm of Brunikor to allow mortals to flourish in the physical planes. However, they were mistaken as some cosmic energy hidden in the Pillars of Creation was able to give rise to the genies, primordial young gods. When these gods wanted to claim the stranded souls for themselves to earn a place in the universe, the Soul War started off with a series of arms races.