Darya Commune

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Commune of Darya
Darya Rasa (Mavibi)
Setting: Galactic Crucibles
Ulusmy sabale! (Mavibi)
"United we strive!"
Capital Maviba
Official languages Mavibi (lingua franca)
Demonym Darsa
Government Commune of the United Communes
• President of the Communal Council
Reshan Talyo
• President of the Communal Assembly
Echiko Kaira
• President of the Communal Court
Renyris at'Emaro
 • Upper house Communal Council
 • Lower house Communal Assembly
 • 544 TE estimate 5.8 billion
Currency Darsi Orya

The Commune of Darya (Mavibi: Darya Rasa) is one of the 58 communes of the United Communes. Darya was one of the original five communes to ratify the United Communes Charter upon the unification of the Adal system in 160 TE. It is the 11th-most populous commune, with an estimated 5.8 billion residents as of 544 TE. The communal capital is located in Maviba, and the communal government has jurisdiction across the entire planet of Darya.