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The Executive Secretariats of the United Communes (Mavibi: Ul'ussi Mudyurem) collectively constitute one of the five organs of federal power. The executive secretariats are assigned specific administrative duties, and are accountable to the Toplanta, Ulustash and Otela. There are currently 18 executive secretariats.

Each executive secretariat is headed by a secretarial council (Mudyuremmi Lanta), a body of officials — titled "associate secretaries" — elected by the Ulustash. Each council consists of seven members, one of whom is also a member of the Toplanta; the remaining six are elected on staggered terms every six years, meaning that one associate secretary is elected for each secretariat every year.

Current executive secretariats

This list is incomplete

Secretariat Creation
Notes 544 TE Outlays in trillions of orya Employees
Foreign Affairs 160 47.4 48.5 million
Finance 160 53.7 89.6 million
Justice 160 11.8 89.5 million
Agriculture 160 14.33 7.2 million
Commerce 160 Originally named the "Secretariat for Commerce and Labour"; Labour later separated 15.77 43.9 million
Education 160 77.5 40 million
Exploration 160 17.8 121 million
Labour 173 137.97 17.3 million
Defence 493
Home Affairs