Dantrel Michaels

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Dantrel Michaels
Born 5/9/2330
Residence Independent Starship ‘’Terminus’’
Citizenship United Terran State
Occupation Mercenary Leader
Organization Tevus Mercenary Group
Species Human
Height 5’ 9”
Weight 157 lbs
Parents .
  • Unnamed Father (deceased)
  • Unnamed Mother (missing)
Relatives .
  • Unnamed Brother
  • Unnamed Sister-In-Law
  • Unnamed Sister
  • Unnamed Uncle (deceased)
  • Unnamed Aunt
  • Unnamed Female Cousin
  • Unnamed Niece

Dantrel Michaels is the current leader of the Tevus Mercenary Group, after most of the leadership was wiped out, leaving him the highest-ranking survivor.

Dantrel Michaels was the son of two Tevus Mercenaries, but at a young age, his father was killed in combat and his mother disappeared. He and his siblings ended up in the care of his aunt and uncle, and came to grow up alongside their cousin, as though she were another sibling.

When Dantrel came of-age, he joined the Tevus Mercenary Group, quickly rising through the ranks. Eventually, half of a year after joining, he raided a renegade Black Ops lab, rescuing the genetic experiment the Black Ops group made from a life of slavery. Giving her the name ‘Lyra Vlahos’, he took her in. However, the Black Ops group came after her a year later, leaving his uncle, also a member of the Mercenary Group, dead.

He eventually came to take command of the group, being the highest-ranking survivor. Some of the surviving officers were joined by members of Dantrel’s crew, Lyra included, as members of the new command staff of the Tevus Mercenary Group. In vengeance for his fallen comrades, Dantrel continued the war with the Black Ops group.