Culture of the Xeng Empire

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Culture in the Xeng Empire developed in isolation, and is thus radically different from the rest of Eidyn.


Xengese names usually consist one name that describes a certain trait.  Higher ranking individuals such as emperors have two names.

Typical life

The Xeng Empire is an industrial society. Thus, most Xengese spend their lives working as paid laborers either by operating machinery or by farming. Those that manage to earn enough money often pursue careers in science and technological development, seeking positions of power.


Hockey is a popular sport in the Xeng Empire due to the presence of ice almost everywhere.

Clockwork toys such as trains and wind-up toy automatons are popular among children.


Ice sculpting is an extremely popular form of art. Because of the climate of Shuang, the ice is as hard as stone. Sculptures will remain stable year round as the temperature never rises above melting point except in Sen Forest.


Hot meals are extremely popular, such as roasted mammoth hide.


The Xengese tolerate the use of magic to operate machines because it provides the foundation of their society. They are against hexing and enchantments, seeing it as a form of witchcraft - evil magic according to their interpretation. Reanimating the undead or depicting them in some explicit way is considered blasphemy. Those found guilty of deliberately using witchcraft are burned at the stake.

Death customs

Burials are the preferred way to lay a Xengese to rest. Through burials, the Xengese believe that a Frost Elf can be preserved physically as part of the ice, while the spirit can rest easy in the afterlife.