Communalist Party of Darya

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Communalist Party of Darya
Byrlekki Fagsha (Maviba)
Emblem of the Communalist Party of Darya.png
Emblem of the Communalist Party
Abbreviation BF (Maviba: Byr-Fag)
Presidium Council of the Communalist Party of Darya
Chairman of the Council Toran olMahon
Founded 43 Terysis 519 TE
Merger of Secular Front of Darya
National Party of the United Provinces
Labour Party of Darya
Democratic Alliance of Darya
People's Party of Darya
Headquarters Maviba, Darya
Newspaper Tonira ("Thunder")
Student wing United Students' Front
Youth wing United Youth Front
Other information
Membership 7.86 billion
Ideology Communalism
Polity United Provinces of Darya
Colors      Red
Slogan Ul'usmy Sabale! ("United we strive!")
Seats in the Toplanta
10 / 18
Presence in the latest Montash (%)
43 / 100
Majorities in provincial Councils
46 / 58

The Communalist Party of Darya (Mavibi: Byrlekki Fagsha, abbr. BF or Byr-Fag) is a political party in the United Provinces of Darya. Founded in 519 TE following the merger of five parties in opposition to the growing Alliance for Individual Freedoms, the Communalist Party is one of the two major parties in Darsi politics, along with the Alliance, its political and ideological archrival. The party is led by an elected Council of the Communalist Party of Darya, the Chairman of which is currently Toran olMahon. The BF has been the largest party in the Toplanta since its foundation. Communalist Rohan ol'Eron currently serves as Chairman of the Toplanta.

The party's philosophy of communalism advocates social and economic equality, along with the welfare state. It seeks to continue direct government supervision and control over the economy. Under Communalist policies, the UP education system has been streamlined to encourage the growth of necessary industries and economic sectors, with constant changes being made to the curriculum as the needs of the economy change. Such controls, as well as the introduction of social programs, preservation of universal healthcare and equal opportunity, free education, and environmental protection form the core of the party's economic policy.

Currently, the Communalists are the governing party, and have been since the party's formation, due to its holding of the majority of the 18 seats in the Interstellar Council. It has also consistently been the largest party in convocations of the Montash, with at least 50% of participants being Communalists until 538 TE, when this number dropped to 47%. It also has a majority in most of the 58 provincial Councils, though some of these majorities have become similarly tenuous due to the rapid rise of the Individualists.