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The Churszath are the planet-based division of the Federal Legion specializing in combat on the surface of planets and bodies of liquid.



Candidates for the Churszath must undergo rigorous training. All candidates must go through an Initial Entry course which is divided into two phases. The first phase is very generalized and lasts three months. All candidates must learn how to survive in a high-pressure Venusian environment, an airless environment, a world with alien life on it, and a Zero-G environment. The planets of choice vary depending on the duty station. For example, stations in orbit of Ucharpli usually train on the planets Krizaelius, Zarenutha and Ackarra.

Upon completion of the first phase, soldiers enter the second phase which is geared more towards their specialized occupation. Soldiers can either be transferred to another duty station or remain in the same location. The second phase is much more academic in nature and the length of the second phase varies depending on the job.


Combat attire for Churszath is green camoflauge and a patrol cap. During field training exercises and deployments, soldiers wear a kevlar helmet equipped with a plexi-glass visor.