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Chun is an individual considered the father of the Frost Elves. He was a chieftain of an ancient elf clan that inhabited Eidyn several thousand years ago, long before the Xeng Empire was formed. To this day, he is revered as a demi-god, and the bringer of life to the Shuang region.


Chun's original physical appearance is not known, although it is believed that he is the first elf to walk the land of Eidyn.

Today, Chun appears in the form of a golem. Using the Winter Sigil, Chun transferred his soul into the golem and vowed to guard the Winter Sigil for eternity. This golem is roughly four meters tall, and is made of bronze. It wields two large scimitars and stands on a large plinth.


Chun and his clansmen discovered a place known as the Ice Temple. Inside, he discovered a powerful artifact known as the Winter Sigil, which could grant the user the powers of the gods. Rather than wishing for material objects, Chun wished for his clan to have a new home, bringing life to the Shuang region. Chun decided to stay behind in the temple for the rest of his days, while his clansmen ventured deep into the Shuang region to later evolve into the Frost Elf people that would build the Xeng Empire.

To this day, Chun still guards the Winter Sigil. However, he has long since passed, yet still remains in the form of a spirit that has possessed a statue wielding several large weapons. As a result, Chun has remained immortal, serving as a guardian for the Winter Sigil.


Bronze statues of Chun can be found all over the Xeng Empire. He has more or less become a psuedo-deity for the Xengese people, the chief guardian of all the spirits of the Shuang region. These statues, when prayed to, can serve as a means of communicating to Chun directly. However, such statue must be infused with the proper magic spell. One of each of these magic statues exists per city-state.