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Star Bezck
Type Garden Planet
Satellites 1
Gravity 1G
Orbital distance 1,414 AU
Day length 24 Hours
Year length ???
Diameter 12,352 km
Axial tilt 23.05
Average 18 °C (64 °F)
Composition 29% Oxygen

63% Nitrogen
3% Carbon Dioxide

5% other gases
Population 7.3 billion

Chityl is a planet orbiting the massive Wolf-Rayet Star Bezck, being a former rogue planet before being caught by the WR Star's immense gravity, and being a desert world before it was terraformed by the United Kyekna Monarchies. Chityl is one of the farthest habitable planets from its star within the Crucible Galaxy, orbiting at 1,414 astronomical units from Bezck.

Chityl was initially colonized by a UKM government-funded expedition in 507 UE, due to its outlandish proximity from its star. More scientific expeditions and colonies were established on Bezck, and the planet was eventually made habitable through terraforming. As UKM attention turned to colonizing the more readily habitable worlds of Hekkech and Tekchec in the Trezzth system and relations with the Cheripod aliens, Chityl remained popular largely only among scientific circles.

Some UKM scientists, disgruntled with the laws and regulations in place to prevent them from committing cruelty, crimes against nature, and other assorted atrocities in the name of research, fled to Chityl to be rid of government intervention altogether, establishing colonies on largely uninhabited areas of the planet while the government was preoccupied with the beginning of the Chechkal Wars.

Constructing vast scientific complexes and manufacturing networks, along with innumerous mechanical drones to carry out the labor, the scientific exodus established itself as a power on Chityl; The Chitylites held no regard for the authority of the leadership on Kenaklesh or UKM law, and freely engaged in all manner of vile experiments which disgusted the Kyekna public when they were exposed. After the Kyekna war against the CHKC-27 AIs in the Kakoonal System had completed, the UKM elected to finally put a stop to the Chitylite crime spree.

Though the elder Chitylites wanted to resist the law by force, decades of living on the planet had given rise to ideological diversification, and the new leadership of Chityl eventually capitulated to the UKM without resistance, so long as the overwhelming majority of the pro-peace groups and individuals were not prosecuted for any crimes. After Chityl was re-admitted to the UKM, the disproportionate scientific understanding of its populace as well as its obscurity on the galactic map lead it to be chosen as the planet to construct a superweapon to fight against the CHKC-27 AI menace.

Many decades later, a superweapon developed on Chityl would be used against the AIs on Akakech, and centuries later yet, a Chityl-born weapon would end the Chechkal Wars definitively when it was used against CHKC-27 A in 912 UE.