Chechkal Wars

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Chechkal Wars
Date 623-912 UE
Location Chechkal Cluster
Status Kyekna victory
  • End of CHKC-27 AI power
  • UKM established as dominant Chechkal power
KyeknaFlag.pngUnited Kyekna Monarchies




MaganulumConquestSymbol.jpgCHKC-27 AIs
951 interstellar vessels 1210 interstellar vessels
Casualties and losses
374 interstellar vessels 1176 interstellar vessels

2 planets

The Chechkal Wars were a series of interstellar wars between the CHKC-27 AIs and the other civilizations of the Chechkal Cluster. The Chechkal Wars united the living species of the cluster into the United Kyekna Monarchies.

Tzalcak War

The CHKC-27 AIs first attacked the Kyekna 623 years after the unison of the Kyekna nations, launching a 23-ship incursion into the orbit of the planet Tzalcak. The Kyekna ships orbiting the planet were attacked and their crews murdered, resulting in the Kyekna sending several ships to the planet and fighting a battle over the planet stopping the invasion.

Chroliaden Campaign

The CHKC-27 AIs began attacking the Cheripodi residents of the Chroliaden system in 675 UE, beginning their attacks against the chthonian world of Zzakrak. The war machines had fought the Cheripodi back to their homeworld of Chekach by 692 UE before the Kyekna intervened and eradicated the CHKC-27 AI presence by 697 UE.

Chakkech War

The Kyekna and Cheripodi invaded the CHKC-27 AI territory in 739 UE and began regular raids against the AIs in the Chakkech system. After a huge surge in AI activity, the Kyekna obliterated the AI base planet Akakech in 798 UE, taking advantage of it being a coreless world (a planet with no metallic core, and instead simply a continuous rocky mantle) to demolish the planet with a bomb.

Zzychka Skirmish

The Zzychka Skirmish occurred when the Zhariz race explored the planet Zzychka to investigate it's capability for supporting extrasolar life; The CHKC-27 AIs landed on the planet to attack the Zhariz, who in the meantime had disturbed the Kyekna presence on the planet, leading to a skrimish between the three parties, ended when the Zhariz and Kyekna cooperated against the CHKC-27 AIs, beginning a period of friendly relations between the UKM and Zhariz.

Zendl War

The CHKC-27 AIs attacked the Zhariz homesystem of Zendl shortly following the Zhariz conflict with the AIs on Zzychka, easily winning most battles, the tide of the war was only turned once the Kyekna arrived and joined the fight in favor of the Zhariz; This war caused the Zhariz to join the UKM.

Kichatz Campaign

The UKM invaded the AI-controlled Kichatz System in 824 UE, fighting space wars over the planets Kikrak and Zakikch in the same year to hit the AI presence as hard as possible early in the conquest. In 835 UE, the UKM began a conquest of the garden world Thikac, which ended in 852 UE. The UKM also invaded the frozen world of Chiritz in 836 UE, a difficult war finally ended in 859.

War on CHKC-27

The War on CHKC-27 was a military excursion into the home system of the CHKC-27 AIs in the hopes of finally annihilating them; Beginning in 879 UE, the United Kyekna Monarchies targeted AIs in the system, and then in 892 began a large-scale bombing campaign against the planet CHKC-27 B, homeworld of the long-gone Maganulum race. In 912 UE, the UKM destroyed CHKC-27 A, the iron-rich capital world of the AIs, concluding the war.