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Spectral type C-R
Age 5.5 billion years
Size 1.03 solar masses
Surface temperature 5,031 K
Diameter 1.03 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 2
Cluster Chechkal Cluster
Polities United Kyekna Monarchies

Chakkech is a Carbon Star within the Chechkal Cluster. There are two planets orbiting Chakkech:

  • Zekchik - Zekchik was formerly a metropolis-covered world but nuclear waste leakage and radioactivity annihilated most of the planet's life, some atypical lifeforms have evolved and re-dominated some areas of the planet.
  • Akakech - Akakech was a world whereon the CHKC-27 AIs formerly resided, it was the nearest world to Kenaklesh and was used to attack the United Kyekna Monarchies for several years, the planet was a coreless world and this vulnerability was exploited by the Kyekna, who obliterated the planet by blowing it up with a bomb.