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Star CHKC-27
Type Garden world
Satellites none
Gravity 1.2 g
Diameter 14,272 km
Population Less than 100 million

CHKC-27 B is the second planet in orbit of the CHKC-27 star. CHCK-27 B was the homeworld of the Maganulum race, who's vast cities dot the planet's landscape even long after their demise. The CHKC-27 AIs replaced the Maganulum as the planet's dominant race after their disappearance, but were programmed not to extract resources from the planet where they had not been given express permission to do so, leaving the planet largely untouched in the absence of the Maganulum.

During the Chechkal Wars, the CHKC-27 AIs were driven back to their home system, and targets on CHKC-27 B were bombarded by the United Kyekna Monarchies, and the planet came under UKM control. Though some colonies have been established on CHKC-27 B, it is primarily used for scientific and historical research purposes, as well as tourism, and the planet has a very small population.