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Spectral type G6
Age 5.4 billion years
Size 1.04 solar masses
Surface temperature 5,540 K
Diameter 1.04 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 2 1 (post-912 UE)
Cluster Chechkal Cluster
Polities United Kyekna Monarchies

CHKC-27 is a star within the Chechkal Cluster, it's variance in names between the various races of the United Kyekna Monarchies lead to it officially being referred to by a generic, objective designation, and it's planets similarly designated without proper names. CHKC-27 is a class G yellow star, and it had 2 planets until the destruction of the planet CHKC-27 A by the UKM.

CHKC-27 B was the homeworld of the Maganulum race, but after their death the CHKC-27 AIs began outward expansion based on the planet CHKC-27 A, an iron-rich rocky world which was used extensively to build the military forces of the AIs. The system was under the uncontested rule of the CHKC-27 AIs until 879 UE, when the United Kyekna Monarchy began raids against the two planets orbiting CHKC-27.

Following a large scale bombing campaign against the second planet in the system beginning in 892 UE, the Kyekna finally ended the war in the system in 912 UE by destroying CHKC-27 A, reducing it to an asteroid belt.