Brazilliano Roche

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Captain Brazilliano Roche (sometimes seen as Brazillian Roch, Roche Brazill, or Roche Brazilliano) was a Polvoran pyrate. His pyrate career is often seen as "the bloodiest and most cruel" recorded, due to his debauchery and drunken behavior. One prime example of his cruelty is noted by his once fellow officers, after he shot his first mate for insulting his choice in drink.

Brazilliano Roche joined the Volveros Party shortly after his escape from the prison camp on Fort Enkarsa, and continued his pyrate career until the Great Storm of '72, in which his ship "The Scorn" sank near Isla del Giele. His career would not continue for four more years, in which he captured his new ship, "The Temper". He remained a pyrate for 48 months before being captured in the Gulf of Segara, he was hanged in Port Arcoris.


Early Life

Not many records exist describing his early life. Supposedly, he was born near or on Isla del Giele, on a citrus plantation to a noble tradesman father and a prostitute mother. His shipping experience came from years of learning and operating for his father, until his disappearance around the age fourteen.

Resurfacing at the age of 19, Brazilliano attempted to join the navy on numerous occassions - all of which failed due to his immense height. Around the age of 23, Brazilliano heard of rumors of a bounty for a treasure known as the Mask of Bara. He arrived on the small island of Hector Esqueiza, which at the time of it's founding was merely named "The Devil's Right Hand". There, he was met by a naval brigade whom had already been searching for the said mask. Brazilliano demanded they leave, and the navy arrested him under charges of "interfering with a military investigating".

As the ship neared Port Arconis, Brazilliano managed to escape and supposedly killed all members of the military crew, though some versions speak of others who sided with him. He claimed the ship as his and cursed the Polvoran government, demanding that they burn and die. He followed his demands by sending the heads of all the officers on the ship to Prince Barago, before renaming the ship "The Sea-Luck" to the famed ship known as "The Scorn".




Not only famed for his drunkenness and debauchery, Roche was also famed for cannibalism. He roasted two farmers over an open fire after they refused to offer him sanctuary in their barn, and had him and his crew eat them. Supposedly, he once captured a Polvoran Naval ship and had his crew cut them into limbs and torsos and drifted the ship into port with his flag on it's sails. Many sailors under him claim it was not uncommon for him to assault, or even kill fellow crew men for refusing to drink with him or insulting his taste in fruit-flavored drinks.